Mothers' Blues.

>> Thursday, March 18, 2004

There are actually a lot of mothers out there having problem breastfeeding their babies. I feel sorry for them, as it is not in their first intention not to breastfeed and substitute to formula instead. They want the best for their babies, and breast milk is by all means, the best.

However, problems do occur during breastfeeding since it is a learning process for both the mother and baby, and it is not as simple as it may seem. Most of them feel guilty about not being able to breastfeed their babies, and I would like to reassure them that, don't worry, it does not make them less a mother.

It is the act of love that's important. A mother's touch is much more comforting than anything else. It is said that a hungry baby can withstand his hunger if being cuddled snugly in his loving mother's arm. Other than that, the rhythm of your heartbeat is a therapy to your baby. Therefore, if you are bottle feeding your baby, it is important to hold him close to your heart. Look into his eye, talk soothingly and smile at him.

It is a wonderful feeling seeing him smiles back at you.


Phone conversation.

Mak: Jangan perah susu selalu sangat.
Hati Aku: Huh? (I need to pump during office hour to keep the supply)
Mak: Nanti *toot* jatuh.
Aku: Laaa....
Mak: Eh, ada kakak tu *toot* dia jatuh sebab selalu sangat perah. Doktor pon cakap macam tu.
Hati Aku: Bodo piang punya doktor. Tak baby-friendly langsung. Macam mana la nak promote breastfeeding cam gini?
Mak: Doktor tu cakap, benda tu bukannya tulang, tapi tisu. Kalau selalu sangat perah, haaa lanjut la dia. Akak tu pon sampai pakai bra terkeluar-keluar.
Aku: Hehe takdelah, Mak.
Mak: Nanti *toot* kau jatuh...
Aku: Ye ikat kuat2 dengan kain :lol:

Can u imagine, nagging me over sagging breast? She went on implying (jokingly) that the "Kelantan Guy" will eventually find a new wife bla bla bla. I couldn't help but to laugh aloud.

Off course la the breast will sag Mak, but the breast pump is not the culprit. Blame it on the aging process + hormonal changes + being a mother. Realistik la skit kalau umur pon dah meningkat tua. "That thing" won't be as perky as it seems like in your puberty days. Ada-ada je diorang nih hehe.

Should I change the topic to "The Sagging Breast Enigma" :lol:

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