>> Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Ahmad & Tini.

So Aini had to ask me how on earth we ended up with each other when we have different personality. Hohoho... of all the questions you can ask me. And to discuss this with her dearest husband some more. Geez... are we becoming some sort of celebrity or what? Perhaps the Malaysian Beckham & Posh (ahem, Ahmad do look like Beckham if he's slimmer and taller while I'm way too eerrr... "beautiful" than Posh) for people to talk about us. Hohoho perasannya.

Lynn cleverly remarked that maybe because we complement each other. Nice answer there Lynn, considering you are still single and searching (single yes, searching? Not!)

Now that Aini had discreetly popped the question, I've been thinking about it too. Hmmm.. why o why? Do I have the answer to that? Well, I don't really know. Do we really differ than each other? Off course la different makcik, me female, he male hehehehe.

Budak, camne nak jawab ni budak?

If you were to ask the 'supposedly' sensitive, feeling feelong me, I'll say love is blind and we are blindly in love. If you were to ask Ahmad, nak ke dia jawab? hehehe.

If you were to ask a mukmin, he'll say that's Qada' and Qadar Allah s.w.t. Even the love that we feel for each other is given by Him, we do not even have any power to lift our own finger, let alone feel whatever feeling we have to other creation of God.

Well, no matter how degil I (and anyone) can be, his is the best answer of all. How can you argue with that?


"Lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan yang baik."

Itu janji Allah. Janji yang pasti, bukan macam janji orang politik nak pancing undi.

Dulu masa aku masih muda remaja jelita, arwah abah selalu saiko aku dengan ayat ni bila aku nakal, malas solat, suka buat maksiat, tak islamik la senang cerita. Abah memang tere bab saiko2 orang ni. Kalau keluar ayat Quran macam ni daripada mulut dia, insaflah aku sekejap, lepas tu buat balik heeee.....

Kadang2 tu risau juga, aku ni tak baik, habisla dapat suami jahat nanti ngeee takut. Tapi masya allah, kasih sayang Allah s.w.t memang tak terhingga. DikurniakanNya juga suami yang baik walau aku tak layak hatta sebesar zarah sekalipun.

Oleh kerana janji Allah itu pasti, harus (bukan harus lagi, wajib daaa) aku muhasabah diri. Layakkah aku untuk mendapat janji2 Allah, baik di dunia dan akhirat? Dah tau tak layak, apsal tak insaf lagi? Isk...

Moga Allah merahmati kita dengan hidayahNya.

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