>> Thursday, April 08, 2004

Explorace Extreme Journey Part I.

I watched Explorace with amazement as Maria and Jerry dashed to complete their task. They really had improved physically and mentally. Jerry was unexpectedly calm during the race, except when his leg cramped. Well, that is apological since he was actually not angry with Maria, but himself. And Maria, as always, handled situation diplomatically.

As for the other two teams, they dissappointed me. I don't like it when Rina and Sanjeev mocked Maria and Jerry at the first task. Yes, Maria and Jerry were quite slow in the beginning, but I think that because they had planned to let Maria do all the task since Jerry is less fit than Maria. (And perhaps Jerry can't swim)

I don't like it when Rina said she hoped Maria and Jerry will lost their way somewhere. Notice how the other teams see Maria and Jerry as their biggest threat, when they are actually a lot fitter?

I don't like it when Fariz attempted to disguise where he found the pole from the other team, but to no avail, thank God. Off course this is a race, but I still don't like their attitude towards winning.

I can see that the two teams were always thinking about winning. As for Maria and Jerry, eventhough winning is the objective, but at least they took it easy. They took effort to connect with their MPV driver, exchanging social conversation with Australian people and had fun along the way.

Sanjeev and Ravin did not even speak to their driver except for giving direction. As for Fariz and Rina, they were lucky to get a helpful driver to guide them. Wonder why luck always come to their feet.

I really hope Maria and Jerry will win this race. They are my favourite as of last night. Hope Jerry will be able to control his temper and a lot fitter for the final race in Malaysia. Maria, you go girl!

I'm sorry Rina, but I don't like your please-look-at-me-i'm-so-cute attitude. Very superficial.


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