>> Thursday, April 15, 2004

Just Rambling.

As I walked along the pavement of our apartment this morning, I met a bunch of pre-school kids who went excited upon seeing me and exclaimed, "Hey, itu Mak Ameer!" And there's one boy, who I assumed go to the tadika only until noon so he never saw me in the evening as I picked up Ameer, waved heartily but at the same time asked, "Eh sapa nih?"

So, I [had to] smiled sheepishly and waved. These kids... they sure are funny, and cute! Can't wait for Ameer to grow up, (and then when they do grow up, we wish they didn't! Irony isn't it?)

Ahmad is already on his way to Baling, I think. He told me last night that his bus will leave to Baling at 10 a.m., and probably will be able to come back home at 2.00 a.m. next morning. That is, if he is able to finish his computer thingies according to his plan. But, you never know what technology has to offer to you. Sometimes, they can be so goody goody, at other times they can be so bad you wanna spank their ass!! (if they have any ass, that is)

But before leaving, he did say that as far as possible, he did not want to stay there overnight. Well, hopefully he won't. Pray to Allah.

He also managed to say,"I'll come back with a new wife." Sheesh, what a joke :P

Anyway, do you know the story of the Arab and the camel? It goes something like this: The Arab had to spend the night in the desert and therefore, he put up his tent. After a while, his camel poked his head into the tent and said,"It's cold outside, do you mind if I put my head into the tent?" Well, well, being a good muslim, the Arab said yes. After a while, the camel said,"It's cold outside, do you mind if I put my neck into the tent?" The Arab once again did not oppose. After a while, the camel said,"It's freeeezing cold outside, can I just sleep in the tent?" The Arab just can't say no. So, both of them shared the small tent. At last, the camel said,"The tent is so small for both of us, would you mind sleeping outside?" and threw the Arab out.

Moral of the story? Do not sleep with a camel hehehe.

Anyway, guess what, the history did repeat himself. I'm the Arab, Ameer the Camel. We have a queen-size bed, mind you but still, not enough for the ever-changing-sleeping-position Ameer. (Since Ahmad insisted on sleeping on the floor so that it is easier for him to wake up in the morning, the bed is shared by me and Ameer only) He keeps on pushing me aside till the end of the bed. And I also have to worry about him falling from the bed. He had already fallen from the bed twice :(

Perhaps we should go Japanese?


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