>> Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Ameer Long Leg.

Ameer is a slow learner, in terms of motor development I mean. He learns to turn over exactly the day he turns six months, when some babies that I know started to turn over by age of four to five months, and he hasn't crawl yet by eight months and two weeks when some crawl at seven to eight months. (But its funny looking at him trying to lift his bontot up and down, like someone who cheats doing push up hehehe.)

But it doesn't matter to me, since Ameer is still developing at normal milestone of development. But what is in my nerves is the other mothers who like to compare and brag about their child, like my son can walk at the age of seven months. I was like,"Are you kidding me??"

And to make it worse, my mother was also involved. She'll go,"Has Ameer knows to crawl?" and when I said,"No, he hasn't", she'll say,"oh so and so child can crawl by five months bla bla bla." I feel like screaming and covering my ears with cottonballs.

I know that they are only exagerating facts, since there is no way a seven months baby can walk (the earliest baby can walk is perhaps at the age of eleven months) unless if superman & wonderwomen get married thus produces superbaby, but I can't stand them brag and brag about their own child and make it sound like their child are clever because they can walk at the age of seven months.

Por Favor! Doesn't they know motor development does not reflect cleverness? What is more important are social skills (like Ameer who become so babyishly cute among pretty young ladies), communication skills (like Ameer who likes to amuse us with his avavava which suspiciously sounds like Abah, soo unfair, he suppose to say Mama first, not Abah ggrr) and interaction with your surrounding (like Ameer who likes to wander about and look closely at things especially the electrical appliances, well what can you say of an engineer's son).

Eh, do you sense someone is bragging around here?

Now that I know how it feels listening to other mothers brag, I'm telling myself not to brag and exagerate facts. I'll write his development in his baby's book, try as far as possible not to cheat, so that I got my facts right when I talk about Ameer.

Oh, but I think I'm guilty of bragging at some time, like saying how handsome he is, but Ameer memang handsome pon --> see, I didn't learn my lesson :lol:


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