>> Sunday, May 16, 2004

Another Gloomy Weekend.

How's it like when someone throws up on you, over and over again? One word.


That's how I spend half of my weekend. Getting puked on by Ameer. Poor him (and me)! I forgot how many times we changed our clothes, Ameer bathed, but sadly to say, I didn't even have time to clean myself. Urgh,I smelled like rotten fish. I couldn't be out of Ameer's sight, or he will scream, which will eventually result in more yucky phlegm and sour milk , on the floor, on the bed, on me.

To make matter worse, his body became feverish the whole night. He was in so much discomfort that his eyes shed tears unvoluntarily. So, both of us having difficulty to sleep. Well, since he breastfed, he finds comfort by doing that. Thank God, his body temperature goes down and the vomiting ceased this morning, after 4 coolfever on his forehead, a little habbatus sauda' in his milk, and very much praying.

It might be easier if we were not left alone to mend ourselves. Alas, what can I say, Ameer always get himself sick when his father is not around. Or, if I am allowed to be bitter, why can't you go to that three-days out thing on a better day???

I tried hard not to be angry. And still trying.


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