>> Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Communication Jargon.

Some people who're in relationship sometime have their own communication jargons that only them could understand. My family for example, has lots of them, jargons mostly championed by my dear late father. Dig in!

Jejawat - to say that someone has lots of acne on his / her face
Mok-mok - to say that someone is fat
Bel-bel bul - to say that someone does not have good and firm figure
Trik-trik - to say that someone uses tricky ways to get something
Tam-tam - to say that one's complexion is dark
Vit-vit - to say that one's hair is curly like mee maggi
Cuk-cuk - to say that someone is smelly
Idodoh - obviously, stupid
Ogel-ogel - naked? ngeeee...
Ontot - bottom? ngeeee...
Menyelapet - to loitter in warung
Ngeteh - to loitter in warung while drinking teh tarik (eventhough this is supposed to be men's affair, my father loved to brought me along :shame shame: heeee)

So, if you hear my brothers say "Idodoh betol la! Dah la ontot tam-tam cuk-cuk!", you'll understand, won't you?

Yeah yeah we insults each other tenderly hohohoh.

And jargons between me and Ahmad, are like:

Budak - to greet each other
Apa mau / Pebender? - to ask what's the reason one's calling
Ha ye lah - to show despair
Aiyaiyaiyai - to show sadness
Huh? - to show disbelieve
Nak kena nih - to disapprove one's action or words
Kentut you - your guess? hehehehe.....

And we used to have a secret code, when we are calling each other and the line is not clear (Read: Suspicious parents / siblings in a radius of 5 meters) and we wouldn't want to sound so mushy mushy, to end the call we'll say, "Lobster in the sea". Hahahaha don't ask me how the phrase came about.


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