>> Monday, June 14, 2004

Isnin yang Biru.

Ahmad, Ameer and I did a very, very naughty thing on a Monday morning. We slept and woke up at 9.30 a.m. teehee hee.

Actually it was a phone ringing that woke us up. And if Ameer didn't wide awake and making his whiny noise, perhaps the two responsible parents will continue sleeping.

And Ahmad said, lying there on the bed with his eyes shut, "I'm taking half day leave."

"Nah... it's OK with me. Late to office is no big deal." Muahahahaha.

A lecture of rezeki yang halal came around then. Ngeeee..... remind me to sedeqah some money next month.

But Ameer is not well. He got flu and perhaps a fever, and he oh so clingy this morning, and he didn't want me to leave him in the nursery boohoo hoo. It wretched my heart to see him like that.

And a lecture of sacrifice came around in the car after that. Guess I'm getting a lot of lectures now and then.

Not that the lectures aren't good. They're good actually. Just that sometime people can be very degil... people like me :D

And what husband is for if not to lead you to the right path?


Mr. GJ (bukan AJ ye kawan-kawan) told me that babies are actually boring since all they do are sleep all the time until nine months when they are building character and that's when your life as parents will become interesting.... and irritating.

And Ameer is nine months and building his character, all right.

On Sunday, he called me "Ah!", gave me a cheeky smile and make a move towards the toilet. I didn't do anything. He called me again "Ah!", gave me another cheeky smile and make another move to the toilet. And when I started to reach for him, he quickly dashed towards the toilet, giggling away. He did this because he knows I'll get angry whenever he tries to wander to the toilet. Eiii, kotorlah!!

Issshhh... nak kena nih Ameer ni!! Dah pandai main-mainkan Mama gggrrr.



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