>> Sunday, June 20, 2004


Again I blog in early a.m. It wasn't caffeine overdose this time around. Just that I 'accidently' had a nice three-hour afternoon nap with Ameer :grin:

I can't sleep, Ahmad is not in, but I'm not feeling creepy. Yay! Perhaps the caffeine last time made me think a lot more bizarre than I usually am.

Watched bola for a while... Latvia vs Germany. The game looks a bit lemau. So, I switched off the tv. Guess that I was only excited with bola last World Cup.... err, with Ahn Jung Han actually muehehehe. I really like his loooong wavy hair... eh, his tackling skill I mean :wink:

Oh, before that I watched Audition and very very proud with Tria. I've met her before, she looks so young for his age, and pretty... but she doesn't look that good on tv. Tak fotogenik la kot? She's improved a lot on her performance attitude and facial expression. And she got the first ranking this week. Aziz, jury paling laser, even commented that she's going to be a star. Yay! So happy for her.

And the best of all, Ameer had his first all four crawl at approximately 9.15 p.m., when we were busy watching Audition. Very very Yay!


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