>> Monday, June 07, 2004

The Weekend.

The most productive ever for 2004.

Saturday was spent on washing piles and piles of dirty clothes, which I dumped into the laundry bucket in the storeroom until the room looks really really like a storeroom, which is good because that's what the room is supposed to be but not good because the mice and cockroach may make their perkampungan in there and its really really messy that you can't get yourself into the room. Furthermore, we ran out of clothes.

Hahaha some sort of wifey I am.

Luckily the weather is very very sunny so that the clothes get dried quickly and so I managed to get 10 washing all together on Saturday. And Ameer is being very very nice that he slept 3 hours in the afternoon so that I can get the lunch and other house chores done.

Sunday morning, I went to Masjid India to buy some tudung sekolah and took Ameer along. Ye la, takkan nak tinggalkan Ameer dengan Adha dot kan? Adha tu dah ler patah kaki, satu hal lak nak menjaga Ameer yang mengada-ngada tu. As I carried Ameer in the sling, in and out the lrt, walking all the way, realization kicked in. My son is really really big and heavy. Adeh, apalah yang Ameer makan ni sampai gomok macam ni :P

Patah pinggang Mama.

Then in the evening, we went to Abe Mir's house in Shah Alam for Mukri's birthday party. Kinda malu because I'm the only one who didn't bring any present. Sorry la sayang, Ayah Mat is out of town, Cik Tini tak sempat nak belikan present. Next time OK?

Reached home at 9.45 p.m. and feeling wornt out. Both of us slept very very soundly then.

Both of us were hit with Monday Blues this morning. Ameer just didn't want me to get out of his sight, he cried his lung out and vomited as a result (ggrr, kan Mama dah kata jangan nangis sampai nak terkeluar anak tekak), so I had to give in and just lay besides him for half an hour. I even thought of taking the day off as I am feeling wornt out myself, but I just can't afford to lose another leave.

And in the nursery, he cried and cried too, but clever Tini put him on the floor with other kids and showed him the lion, and while he's not looking at her, she silently crept to the door and off she went to the office. Stupendous Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) is going to have his rival --> The Stupendous Tini. Teehee hee.

Hmm... perhaps I can leave the office early, have a beauty sleep for an hour or two and then take Ameer from the nursery at six :kuar tanduk:

Ahmad will be coming home next morning. Yay! Hope he brought anything for me from Kelantan.

Oh, have I told you that I had enough of Crossword? My head gone whoozy reading the thick dictionary. I've thought of taking a break from Crossword this week, only to find out that the prize for this week is the one that I have been waiting for, two flight tickets to Middle East. Ggrr, guess I have to do this one too. Guess I'll have my break next week.... unless if the prize are tickets to Scotland :D


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