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Have you paid your zakat?

When I studied Mutla'al Badrain back in Sekolah Agama Johor years ago, I never came across the term Zakat Pendapatan. But perhaps, pursuant to the modern life we're living now, the zakat collection agency had diversified the types of zakat accordingly. So now we have Zakat Pendapatan, Zakat Saham, Zakat Wang Simpanan, Zakat Emas and Zakat KWSP. I don't know what happen to Zakat Ternakan and Zakat Tanaman (or bijirin). Maybe, the farmers have to meet the agency themselves for calculation. Or they just calculate that as Zakat Perniagaan.

Anyway, these are how you calculate your Zakat Pendapatan:

Method 1
Total Annual Gross Income (if exceeding nisab) X 2.5%

Method 2
A. Total Annual Gross Income
B. minusPermittable Expenses per year
Self RM8,000
Wife RM3,000
Children RM1,000 per child
Parents allowances
KWSP (11%)
Deposit into organisation, co-op, or financial institution that paid zakat on behalf of depositor (e.g. Tabung Haji)
C. A - B (if exceeding nisab) X 2.5%

Nisab for the current year is RM3,700.00. You may check the nisab from time to time (since it is based on the current value of 85 gm gold) at www.zakat.com.my.

Oh, if you're female and not a single mother, then you are not entitled for the rebate for wife and children.

And how to pay them?
1. Potongan Gaji Zakat
2. PPZ Zakat counters
3. Bank counters (Bank Islam, Maybank, Bank Muamalat, BSN, Bank pertanian, Southern Finance, AMBank/AMFinance, RHB, BCB, and Public Bank) --> note however that not all branches has this facility.
4. By post
5. Internet banking

For those who work in Menara, Bank Islam at LG floor is able to collect your zakat. Just ask for the zakat form at the information counter.

The benefit?

Well, for one, off course you'll be a better Muslim. Paying Zakat is the fourth pillar of Islam, kan?

Two, you'll pay less for income tax, or perhaps none at all. The zakat that you paid will be 100% deducted from your income tax. So, why hesitate? You pay less for your income tax, and get pahala as well.

Kill two stones with one bird, eh?

[Just in case you didn't get my joke, watch those 8TV adverts :D]

p/s: Ahmad dah balik hehehe.


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