>> Friday, November 05, 2004

I'd have people asking me what do I actually do for a living. I should have simply said Product Management, but since I'm quite passionate with my current job, I'd told them I'm doing Interconnect Management. As expected, they'd go,"Huh apa tu?"

And I wouldn't mind explaining :D Panjang lebar.

As the word "inter" and "connect" suggest, perhaps the layman-est that I can go is to mutually link up. When we relate that to the telecommunication industry, interconnect shall mean to mutually link up networks of telecommunication operators so that they have access to each other.

I specifically responsible for interconnection with domestic OLNOs (Other Licensed Network Operator e.g. Maxis, Digi) for traffic minutes, excluding VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

To make it clearer, I'll give you a scenario on how interconnection takes place in your everyday life.

When you pick up your fixed line phone at home and dial a mobile phone number, your calls will go through your fixed line operator network, and it will then be passed to the mobile operator network to connect you to the mobile number you've dialled. To make that to happen, interconnection between the fixed line operator network and the mobile operator network has to be in place, both commercially and technically.

I'm doing the commercial part only, not technical. So don't ask me much on the technical thing. The most I can tell you is that the operators shall connect at POI (Point of Interconnect) in the exchange.

There's more to it, but it is wise for me to shup up. Because the more I talk, the more stupid I'll look hahahaha. I'm new to this, there's a lot to be learned. Heck, the learning will be forever yeah? There's always new technology coming up, and we'll have to keep up. If not, the company is doomed. And we should strive the best for our company. TM rocks the world!

Heh. Who am I kidding?


Seriously, we should.


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