>> Friday, December 10, 2004

Battle of The Brothers.

Eversince Wednesday, Ahmad has a rival.

My husband is becoming abnormal. He retires early, and sleeps in the bedroom instead of in front of his pc.

He realises I exist [finally]. He listens to what I said, and responds. He doesn't irritate me with his I-don't-care look. He watches Korean soap drama and VCDs with me. We both laugh at the artist's antics, and having fun.

Am feeling weird about this. It's like, so not him on weekdays' nights.

The reason behind the abnormalities?

Zaki is in d house.

Like Ahmad, Zaki is a games geek. When I was in KB last raya, I found him hooked in front of the PS1 like, forever. I'll go, "Oi, ni nak spm tak baca buku ke?" And SPM is like another day to go. Mind you, Zaki is best student for a boarding school in Kelantan.

So, when Zaki is at our home, it's a battle between them two. But being a good brother, Ahmad gave up his Siti Sojourniah. Well, at least for a couple of hours.

I strongly believe its in their gene. Most of them, even the 30plus and hafidz ones, craze games so much. One of them, the Accountant, as per complained by his wife, spent his nights in the attic playing games. The Hafidz from Cairo, took sweet revenge whenever he's back in Malaysia for holidays. Perhaps, the only one who don't play games, is the eldest daughter.


Then I need to protect my sons from this chromosom defects. Help!


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