Kaki Jalan.

>> Friday, January 14, 2005

Don't you ever promise him for a walk because for the next couple of minutes he will test your sanity until the family is finally out of the apartment.

He'll bring you his shoes when you are trying to wear your tudung sekolah. He'll wail and whine and follow you everywhere when you are trying to find your keys. He'll roll on the floor and get himself hurt while you turn the apartment upside down to find your forgetful-and-throw-things-everywhere husband's wallet and handphones (and nag him in the process).

We wonder where he gets this interest to jalan-jalan, because both of the parents are homey people. We preferred staying home, watching TV or playing games.

So, we figured he must be cucu Tok Bah.


WTH was I climbing up the stairs for? I could just go back home, right? when Menara went black out.

But no, I decided to climb the stairs.

Ah, damn the workload!

And if I didn't post anything after this one, that's because I'll be in PD for a 4-days workshop. Another damnation.

Ggrr, I SO hate this :kuar asap from kepala:


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