Angelic Amni.

>> Monday, February 14, 2005

There I looked on with envy across the table. Aida and her husband were eating their food peacefully, while their daughter sat angelicly without a single sound. I felt like rubbing my eyes and pinching my skin, is this for real?

My son on the other hand, it might be too harsh to say he's being satanic as opposed to angelic, I'll just say he's being.. well, himself. He kept on climbing up and down the chair (and the table too), demanded to drink iced drink on his own and slapped me on the face when I asked him to stop, ate the ice cube (what kind of babies eat ice cube?), squashed the boiled egg given as the wedding token for guests, and running here and there to peek curiously at people.. the list continues.

How come Aida and Mufis can eat peacefully together at a time, while we had to take our turns looking after Ameer? Argh, ini sungguh tak adil, tak adil! :gigit tablecloth:

Perhaps I should get a girl next. Ehem.

Both me and Ahmad were finally relieved when he got caught up shouting at birds and chickens at the neighbours' place. As long as birds and chickens are concerned, we were rest assured that our son would be safe and sound at that particular place. Kidnapping excluded.


At another wedding, my son helped parents of one baby by checking the wheels of his stroller. He pushed the wheels to and fro, slowly at first, then gradually fasten the tempo. Oh uh, I could see the baby waving his hands and legs to signal the danger to his parents. Alamak, the father angry lah. The mother pulak just laughed it off.

Upon seeing the parents' reaction, I gestured Ahmad to pick his son up. Malu eden, malu!



Hopefully someone could clarify my kemusykilan agama.

Somebody told me that when babies walked on our praying mat while we were praying, our prayer automatically terbatal. Reason being, babies carried najis in their pampers, thus they are najis, and not suci.

I was taken aback with the statement, because what am I supposed to do since Ahmad is in the surau during maghrib and isya', tie my baby to the bed? Locking him in another room is also a no-no, he'll cry so loud I won't have a peaceful mind to pray. All I can do is to tell him that I'm going to pray, please don't kacau me and spread another praying mat for him to pray. But if he still does it (since he loves praying himself) while I'm praying, nok buak lagu mano?

So, I hope that somebody who had better Fiqh knowledge to clarify this thing. For one, I thought that something may be najis but may not menajiskan, such as a cloth with dried urine. It is najis, but if you put it with clean cloth, the clean cloth does not become najis. Two, animals such as cats carried najis too (they don't beristinjak after they do it unless for the clean-freak ones), but they're not considered as najis, right? Unless if they're dead animals, dogs and pigs. Third, Saidina Husin and Hasan too sat on Rasulullah s.a.w lap while he's praying, but he still continued with his prayer. Well, perhaps that doesn't count because during their days, they didn't wear pampers.

Please, please, please help me with this. I had been in syak, wasangka dan wazan in a few days. I would thank you a lot for this. Thanks in advance.


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