No more, please.

>> Thursday, February 17, 2005

:muntah hijau:

I had enough of

Rambut siapa ini?
Yang ini lagi?
Yang ini lagi?

Crap. Can Unilever kindly please take out the advert from the TV? I can't bear rambut-siapa-ini? anymore.

That sulking pouting mouth is not cute. The 'after' hair is soo fake, we know its been retouched. The model actually looks better with her 'before' hair.

Then we have this Ha-yang-ini-siapa-punya-pulak like she doesn't even know her own hairclip?

Dem irritating.

The only thing worth looking is the charming handsome hero :drool:

Now. Excuse me while I go to the ladies to muntah hijau. Just thinking of the advert make me puke.

Hmm.. perhaps there's another reason for the vomiting :hands on the chin:


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