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>> Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Semalam cuti, tapi berkali-kali juga orang ofis telefon. Tensen tu memang ler tensen, tapi nak buat camne. Aku pon selalu gak call bos masa dia cuti. Sekarang dia lak revenge kat aku hehehe. (Padahal on friday tu dia sendiri yang suruh aku tutup henpon)

Hari ni pon cuti jugak, tapi tak senang hati, datang la sekejap ke opis. Ceh, ingatkan pukul 10 nak blah. Nampaknya aku masih di sini. Keje baru siap, tapi kerana tanggungjawab terhadap peminat-peminat :angkat kening: updet la dulu.


So, we failed in the parenting department.

The kid, at the age of one and a half year old, is addicted to TV. Or VCD to be exact. He:

1. cried upon waking up in the morning. the only remedy is when the TV is switched on;

2. stand in front of the TV as he walks in the apartment after I pick him up from the nursery, with his finger pointing to the switch.

3. picked his own favorite VCD.

4. ran naked to the TV after his bath.

5. sleep in front of the TV.

Why must he be a TV-holic like me? :devastated:


A TV-holic and a VCD-holic is a bad combination. Never never never married them two. But if one of them is related to you by blood, there's nothing much you can do though.

Especially if its your own son.

I actually don't mind if he wanted to watch Cats and Dogs over and over again, but not on my Malay telenovela Rafflesia time slot!!!!!! Gggrr.... just one hour on Sunday and Monday night.

But to argue with a 19-months old baby is like, a waste of time and energy. Furthermore, its kinda stupid la kan?

On top of that, I'm his mother. Mothers don't quarrel over stupid things like this.

But still, it's the RAFFLESIA!!!!! :devastated:


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