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>> Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Nikmat Tuhan kamu yang manakah yang hendak kamu dustakan?"

Surah Ar-Rahman

Kita kata rumah itu rumah kita. Kita yang berusaha susah payah untuk memiliki rumah tersebut. Sombong betul kita kerana tak bersyukur kepada Allah, sedangkan rumah itu hakikatnya milik Allah. Kita cuma pemilik sementara.

Mana tau satu hari nanti rumah kita musnah dilanda tsunami.

Kita kata, itu suami saya. Itu anak saya. Itu bf saya hehe. Saya cintakan mereka. Mereka cintakan saya. Cinta kami agung. Tapi kita lupa, cinta yang paling agung adalah cinta kepada-Nya. Allah sepatutnya number one dalam hati kita. Bukan suami, bukan anak, apatah lagi bf.

Mana tau satu hari nanti mereka beralih cinta.

Kerana semua di dalam dunia ini adalah milik Allah. Dan Allah yang menentukan segalanya.



The small apartment now looks bigger. Thank you to the new makeover concept, minimise to maximise.

The colour scheme is earth. Walls are painted in Barley White, woods Pineapple Crunch. I don't remember what's the color for the wardrobe in the solat room, but it's very very light brown.

Still using the old sliding door curtain, which has the earth colour with a bit of red. But the new one, yet to be sent to tailor, is a bit of English flowery style, truly earth colour with cream as the base colour, brown and green.

Since Ahmad insisted on choosing the carpet, I let him but off course on his budget muahahaha. He has quite a good taste, so that's OK. As long as it goes with the theme. All carpets are brown.

To add colour to the boring brownish space, we put two big green velvet pillows on the floor. He picked the pillow case up at IKEA. My my, a good taste indeed, but with a hefty price. One for RM38. Mementang ler aku yang bayar ggrr.

We still use the old RM375 sofa. Yup, the one he bought a week before our marriage. That was like, three years ago? I wanted to buy a new one, but he was against it. Well, after awhile, I think it maybe better to use the old sofa as long as wearable. Muahahaha gila stingy. Perhaps I'll put beige cloth to drape it over, so that it doesn't look odd with the theme.

To maximise the space, we opt for a breakfast bar rather than a dining table. The kitchen counter top is tiles, with similar colour as Pineapple Crunch. The doors are a little odd with light yellow, kinda bad combination, but what to do. Dah tersalah pilih heheh. But still OK because the kitchen now looks spacious and brighter.

Other than trying to minimise the clutter, we try to maximise the function of the rooms. One room for example, has triple functions as solat room, guest room and storage room. This can be done by full height wardrobe and ala-nippong queen size mattress, which can be rolled when not in use.

The smaller room, which used to be full-of-junk storeroom, is now transform into working room, for Ahmad to work with his computer (read: sojourning) and for me to iron cloth. The master bedroom is, well, a master bedroom hehehe. Nothing much is done here because of cost constraint :grin: Furthermore, we are stingy people. We hate to throw old furnitures.

No pictures though, since we haven't finish spring cleaning. Another 10% to go. Imagine, one month of spring cleaning pon tak cukup. Hmm... apa taknya, aku sorang je buat. Member tu syok je main game :P

Dah la gitu, bila aku mintak tolong, boleh dia kata penat. Semalam sampai rasa tegang kat perot. Apa taknya, angkat barang berat-berat.

"Ngee sakitnya."
"Tulah, buat kerja banyak sangat. Dah, rehat."
"Salah siapa?"

Baru dia nak berenti main sojon. Sabo je la kan?


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