The gift of love.

>> Saturday, August 13, 2005

To Babyhaziq and other peminat setia, ahem, that berhati murni as Babyhaziq, here's the address :wink:

******* dewi
No. 92, Batu 2,
Jalan Parit Ibrahim,
82200 Pontian,

And to those who's already shown their hati murni - Aida, Aini, Lynn (and her two friends), Freddy, Nisa', and also Rid who visit me at the hospital eventhough emptyhanded hoho - thanks a lot dear!

And many thanks to the endless calls and smses, so sorry if I didn't reply. Banyak sangat, tak cukup tangan eden nak jawap hehehe.

OK, me going to Johor tadaaaa!!!


p/s: enuff with the pink thingies :D


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