Emergency leave.

>> Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I didn't know working after confinement would be this tiring. Too restless and tired till losing my appetite. If you know me, I've never lose interest towards food, I LOVE to eat. Okay, maybe not green veggie.

Plus that with fasting all day long.

And exclusively breast feeding.

And looking after two fussy kids while Mat Tabligh went to mosque for isya' and terawih prayers.

I really felt like woogley boogley. Lembik.

So I'm lazying around at home right now. And I just break fasting with a glass of water :gulp: Banyak ler nak kena ganti nanti.

Please pray for me so that I can persevere. I really want to be able to breastfeed Adik Zahra exclusively for 6 months, and continue nursing as long as I can.

Please God. Help me Ya Allah.

I feel like crying. Can someone lend me her shoulder?


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