Open Apartment?

>> Friday, November 18, 2005


The gang wanted to gatecrash my apartment this Sat. Oh no!

What if the mihun goreng tasted weird. What if I accidently spilled sugar instead of salt. What if I ran out of gas while cooking. What if the menu did not complement with each other. What if .....

Maybe I should outsource. So when things go bad, I can put the blame on the caterer.


Or maybe I should write down a checklist like 'the skema' Aini did hehehe.

Oh! I should inform the gang that a Mat Salleh lady will also joining the crowd. Puzzled? Don't.

It will also be my first meeting with her.

Her South African spinal specialist (should I also include rich?) husband, is also a Mat Tabligh. Her husband will also be going out of the house for three days like mine. And her husband wanted her to befriend me for, you know ukhwah islamiah? between the wives of mat tablighs? when the husbands went out for tabligh thingies?

Awkward, I am.

I hope the gang can help me to borak with her hehe. My english broken maaaa. Hohoho. I may write well, but I'm actually not fluent in English.

All in all, I hope everything goes well tommorrow.


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