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>> Monday, December 05, 2005


Played truant for half of the working day.

[2]Went to Tabung Haji, Jalan Ampang in the morning to update our account book. All this while, I had been depositing our money via Bank Islam so we had no idea how much we have actually. Reached the counter quite early in the morning since the "kaunter mesra" supposedly opened at 7.30 a.m. Well, the counter did open at 7.30 but out of 12 available counters, only one was opened to serve quite a number of people.


So I waited with not much patience.

And waited, and waited.

Finally it's my turn. A big smile was waiting for me behind the counter. Uh oh, okaaaayyy.


Pleasantly he greeted me. The frown in my face slowly subdued. As I asked him to do this and that, he patiently did it for me. All my questions were answered politely and never without a smile at the end of his sentence.

Oh my God. How can I be angry when he's so nice and all?

I had initially wanted to put my ticket into the Tidak Memuaskan box, but after meeting the guy behind the counter, I totally forgot about it. I guess his pleasant manner had compensate for the time I had to wait.

Furthermore, the figures printed in the account books made me grinning non stop. Teehee :still grinning:

After settling my stuff at the counter, I went up to Level 30 to the Kaunter Pengendalian Haji to double check our hajj registration. Smilingly, the guy told us that we had registered to go next year (gagagaga) but it all depends on the quota that Saudi government gave us. He said that usually the offer letter will be sent on April, and I can even call them to check.

I better put it here just in case I lost the paper.

Bahagian Pengendalian Haji, Tingkat 30
03-2054 2381
03-2054 2382

Why the Tabung Haji people so nice? Very the anti climax hoho.

[3]I reached the lrt station at about 9.30 a.m. Again my patience was being tested.

Doesn't it irk you when the other side of the platform has trains every 1 minute, and yours is like, forever?

On top of that, I missed 2 trains because of the traffic and then there's one chinese guy in front talking on the phone, totally blocking me from entering the train. Hello?? If you want to jiwang or whatever, get your butt out of my way boleh tak?


And like Lynn's new boss, I'll get even angrier when I'm hungry hahaha.

So I made a pit stop at KL Sentral to have a big breakfast. Yummy!


I knew that I'll be late for office, but heck... alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan MUAHAHAHA.

Better late than never eh?

[4]Checked out Guardian, and bought more chocolates.

Checked out the clearance sale. Thought of buying shoes, but none was close to my liking.

Saw nice floral smocking dress. Damn! Wish I have a daughter that big. There's no point buying the dress for Zahra now, when she will only get to wear it 2 to 3 years later. By that time, it will be out of fashion hoho.

My fingers were itching to buy the dress for other people's kids. I had already took two dresses but luckily my conscience told me to put them back where they belong hohoho.

I truly need to refrain. Mat Tabligh had advised me about over and unnecessary spending ngeee.

But I wonder why, everytime I went to window shop I'll ended up buying pyjamas or night gown.

Ada apa dengan pyjamas ya?

This time it's a pink and white polka dot cotton pyjamas at RM29.90.

Hehe... I'll deal with Mat Tabligh later. Wish me luck!

[5]Sneaked into the office at around 11.15 a.m. :grin:


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