I like to move it.

>> Friday, January 20, 2006

+Wakey wakey Mr.Alex. Mr. Aleeexxx. WAKE UP! You suck your thumb?
+Not whooha. Ascar.
+Because we are all steak.
+Run for your life!!!

If it wasn't for King Julien, I wouldn't be bothered to say along the lines. Oh, maybe the penguins too. Oh, the two intellectual monkeys. The four main leads? SAD.

And when he sang that {I like to move it, move it} song, it's fantastica! I couldn't stop moving my body to the music. [With Mat Tabligh arching eyebrows glaring at me hehe]

Eh? Shouldn't I be talking about good things today? It's Friday he he.

[Rasa macam tak layak je sebab tadi Subuh gajah :P]

Anyway, whenever I feel like Humpty-Dumpty-sitting-on-a-wall to perform the daily prayers, I shall sing this song to gear up myself. Sing with me bebeh!

I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
We like to

Allah love how all the people move their body
And when you move your body
It's nice and sweet and sassy.

Physically fit, physically fit
Physically, physically, physically fit.

Ini macam punya approach pon ada ka? :D


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