Swimming in Guilt.

>> Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I told boss that I'll be taking leave this thursday until tuesday next week. Before he could say anything, I said that I've bought the flight tickets long time before.

You should see his face. Skewed. I'm-in-big-trouble look. He had expected me to tag him along for a meeting this Friday, because the chairperson is going to throw us the bomb. I felt like laughing, but poor him. Wonder why can't he face it alone. He's the manager, not me.

Then, he started to make me feel guilty. And boy, was he good at that.

So I guess I'll stay. I can't just leave when there are lots of work pending at the office. Money? Insya Allah. Money can come by.

Hmm.. I've learnt my lesson. No more buying Airasia tickets. Furthermore, I've always been concerned with the way their pilots touchdown. Not as smooth.

Plus, Malaysia Airline has better looking stewards. Ahem.


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