>> Friday, May 19, 2006

[1]A friend commented yesterday that I look ahem, slimmer. She even peeked at my butt and tummy to reassure herself. I just laughed away. [And mula la nak perasan]

The thing is, I had only managed to shred perhaps half a centimeter of my size, but as you know, small improvement in weight department is a big hoohaa for a women. Aren't women weird creatures? Proud to say that I'm one of those weird creatures though :-D

In case you're curious, ahem like some of you who emailed me personally, here's my everyday routine in the quest to wrestle my weight issues.

- Take a packet of Bionutri and a glass of water.
- 30 sit ups.
- Massage my tummy with Biolangsing (slimming lotion). This thing do wonders, y'all.
- Half an hour later, take big breakfast.

Troughout the day:
- Drink green tea with apple cider and honey.
- Take the stairs.

- More sit ups.

Other than that, I make some changes in my eating habit. Take less rice, less chicken. More fish, more fruits, yogurts. No more ordering Milo Ice. No more Nasi Lemak.

This morning, I walked to the office and it really felt good. Hmm.. maybe I should walk more. Rather than waiting for Ahmad to pick me up in the evening.

Or perhaps, more outing to shopping malls :wink:

[2]Received a lot of compliments today. Someone even phewit-ed me. I understand their amusement because, how many working days do I wear striking baby blue thai silk baju kurung with embroideries in a year?

Perhaps one.


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