>> Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I took the black short skirt. The salesgirl took a look at me and said,"No, can't do. Your butt is too big."


So, what size do you suggest ma'am?

She gave me the biggest size available. 25.

I followed her advise because she was true when she told me bluntly that my butt is waayy big.

I digged for more skirts because I saw some nice floral skirt in pink (yes dear, pink) and blue. But she ushered me away by saying that no size for me. Translation - your butt can't possibly fit the skirt. I accepted that politely and went to other racks.

Few minutes later, I thought that maybe I should try the skirt. So off I went queuing for the fitting room.

Hah! She was wrong all right. 25 is too big for me. If I do more sit ups in the mornings and nights, it will be even bigger. Proudly I went back to her place and demanded for a smaller size.

What? U think I'm so fat ka?

The incident didn't deter me from spending RM300++ at the Sogo sales though hehe. (Yes Aini, I revisit the place after our lunch)

When I went home, size 23 is still big for me. Ahem, the diet seems to be working. Hmm. I should have tried the floral skirt too. Bet I can fit into that. $%^&*#@ salesgirl!


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