Puzzling Zahra.

>> Friday, May 05, 2006

She has what I called "Maghrib Syndrome".

She was fine all the time playing by herself. Until she saw me spreading the prayer mat and wearing the telekung. Her sweet disposition beautifully changed to somewhat monsterous. She screamed. She wailed. She cried as hard as she might. She even shed her tears! Such a drama queen. She looked sadder than Fasha Sandha glooming over dead husband.

I just ignored her temperament, because solah is an utmost obligation and maghrib is such a short time.

I'm not sure though how good my prayer is with her wailing and clinging onto my leg. Obviously not khusyuk. I just hope that Allah would accept my imperfect solah. And sincerely hope that Allah would bestow me with the sweetness of performing ibadah.

Please, Allah.


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