>> Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sad isn't it?

Yeah, i'm a loser. People keep on bullying me in the office. "Oh I have a lot of work. Why don't you ask Hartini to do it?" "Kerja you tak banyak kan?" "Hartini, since so and so has a lot of work, please do this work." Hartini this, Hartini that. Like, I don't already have a lot of work? Then why do I stay up past office hour for? Why do I have to go to office on weekends?

The saddest part is that I let them bully me. "OK. Yeah. Ha erm. Right."

Don't you have your staff to assist you?

I reserve my comments, thank you.

BUT I WATCHED SHREK 3 LAST NIGHT. Hahaha, unrelated issue, but I just want to say it now, out loud HAHAHAHAHA.

Please be jealous of me. You'll make me happy, at least for today :-p


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