No Yippie Yayying :-(

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I have bad news people.

You know this is happening, don't you?

Yes, those 3 kilos I managed to lose? is back when I scaled myself 7 days later. Oh-my-goodness. It took me a month to lose that much, but all it takes is 7 days to gain that much.

Blame it on the chickens. I mean, why can't people celebrate Raya with fish, green veggies or something. But no, everywhere I go, they feed me with chicken. Chicken here, chicken there. How can I resist, people? HOW??? You tell me how can I resist chicken? They're so yummy, sitting there on the table looking very juicy and all.

All you need is preseverence. You have to strengthen your mind, body and soul, and the willpower to presevere. You could start by repeating mantra over and over again whenever your brain is idle. Furthermore, your brain is idle all the time.

Follow my lead.

Chickens are friends. NOT food.

Err... OK. Sometime they can be friends. Occasionally, food :-p


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