Mirror Mirror On The Wall.

>> Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I attended Oracle Communication Workshop earlier half of the day today. It was held at Kuala Lumpur Golf Country Club, Bukit Kiara. Since I am 'jakun' at these kind of places, orang semekin hookay, I came with high expectation. More on the food, actually hehe.

Oh gawd. I sound like Lynn-Z. Always a mention of food in her events report.

Everything else is usual, the workshop da da da, nice venue, good food, pink curtain, horsepower aircond making you freeze.

I had to mention the ladies toilet inside the function room though. That is really something. I have never seen such a toilet before. Luxury interior, PERFECTO. Massive mirror, from floor up to the ceiling, AMUSING. That mirror in front of the toilet bowl? DOWN RIGHT UGLY.

Thank you, but I don't fancy seeing myself peeing and pooing.


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