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>> Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I give up on my work. It's too tiring. Too much work for such mediocre salary. True I'm a manager, but I'm paid at executive rate. Overwork, and underpaid.

Funny thing is, my work is about managing products to ensure that they generate revenues, and to do my work efficiently, I monitor revenue in, cost out, profitability dadada amounting to millions of ringgit per month, only to know that those are someone else's money. Pathethic eh?

I don't really mind the money actually. But how about my family? I usually leave the office at around 8 - 9 p.m. and by the time I reach home, I'm too tired already to mind the kid's whims and fancies. I don't blame the kids for being whimpsy, because I AM supposed to give my utmost attention to them.

Therefore, I need Plan B. So people, I am now officially a Herbalife Independant Distributor. Teeheehee. So funnee eh?

Anyway, since I'm feeling happy today and need to celebrate my one step towards being WAHM, I'm giving away Herbalife Shaker Cup and a bar of chocolate peanut Protein Bar (yummy!) for every purchase of Herbalife Starter Pack at RM346.00.

From left: Measuring spoon, Shaker Cup, Tea Mix, Formula 1, Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar, Formula 3

Herbalife Starter Pack contains Formula 1 (nutritiuous food that contains 55 nutrients and 18 asid amino), Formula 3 (whey powder & protein), Tea Mix 50g (refreshing drink) and a measuring scoop. Formula 1 comes with 5 flavors to choose - French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate (my favorite!), Strawberry, Cappucino & Tropical Fruits.

It is all plant-based, so rest assured that Herbalife is Halalan Toyyiba. It is NOT a drug and everybody living under the sun (oh even babies in your tummy) can consume the product safe and sound, Insya Allah. It helps to assist:

People who wishes to reduce weight
People who wishes to gain weight
People who wants to look stunning for special occassion
People who wants a healthy body and illness-free
People who are concerns about kid's eating junkfood

My apology as I do not have ample time to write more about the product, but you can always check out Herbalife Website for more information.

Or, you can simply email me at fattytini@gmail.com, or pick up that phone and dial 0133424686 for more personal touch. No sexual harrassment please.

And do check out my Weight Journal for the suka dan duka in my pursuit to lose 10 kg and eventually be a SUPER GORGEOUS WOMAN. With Herbalife, it will be easier, Insya Allah :-)


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