Our new home.

>> Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Yesterday, we went to our new nest, waiting for furniture delivery by Cavenzi. I was quite satisfied with the workmanship of the contractor who did our parking space, considering the cost. I was gritting my teeth before, worried that the renovation would cost us a lot. Being cheapskate both of us, we opted for the cheapest alternative available. Hehe.

Like, for example, painting the interior on our own. And we had decided to leave the old exterior paint as it is, no matter how ugly with the paint terkopek sana-sini and penuh with moss hoho. He commented, lawa-lawa sangat nanti "orang lain" terliur.

For our wardrobe and kitchen cabinet, again we opted for cheapest alternative. We told Alwi to use the cheapest material, without jeopardising quality and nilai-nilai estetika :-p

As I was told by my references who recommended Alwi, yes Alwi did well :-)

I was like, jumping up and down yesterday, as it was the first time I set my eyes on his deliverables. The kitchen cabinet is not yet done, but the looks is promising.

Me likee. Teehee.


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