Flower Girl and The Professor.

>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good grief. What have I become? Oh my oh my.

I have a meeting with my GM first thing in the morning. But nerves on me, what was I thinking watching My Fair Lady last night? I should have known its gonna take so long to finish the movie, what with fine singing and dancing. When I finally looked up for the time, its already 2 a.m. And I haven't iron my officewear yet!

Oh my poor soul. Am not sure if I'm ready for the meeting. Hmph, another 5 minutes to go.

But I so damn love it! I even surprised myself for singing along the tune. After so long, I still remembered the songs. Love Professor Higgins, love Eliza, love Colonel, and Eliza's father even. But that young man crooning over Eliza, whats his name, ah Freddy... handsome face he has, but maybe quite lacking in talent. I squirmed when he sang.

Uh oh I better run along now. Meeting is gonna start any seconds.


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