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>> Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Semalam was such a tiring day. We had "Retreat & Reheat" Program at Eagle Ranch, PD. Of course as one hot mama mengandung I was 'exempted' from physical activities, but lemme tell you, watching my colleagues doing 20 obstacle courses & flying fox was tiring enough! That place besar OK? Penat makcik berjalan :-p

So imagine my feeling when I came back to a nice, clean, cozy home versus the one that I left behind in the morning. My husband was out for his tabligh outing over the weekend, and I made that as an excuse for not maintaining the house hehe. I am such a lazy bum OK? I admit :-p

At first I was grumpy-ing on my way back home as my husband did not want to pick me up at office where my friend dropped me, and asked me to take the lrt instead. He said he would pick me there by bike, and I was like, hello? i'm huge? and pregnant? how am I supposed to ride your bike? Pancit lerr tayar motor tu :-p So I walked.

To add to my misery, my tummy did not want to cooperate. It picked the wrong timing to buat hal. Sakit perut makcik sepanjang berjalan. Grumpy lagi! So konon-konon merajuk, I walked into the house silently and dropped myself dead on the sofa. And then, I was like, OK is this my house? Pasaipa kemas sangat? Mana clean laundry yang aku longgok kat sofa pagi tadi? Mana bantal-bantal yang bersepah dekat living room ni?

Erk. Kitchen pon bersih? Kuali periuk yang kubiar atas dapur pon dah dibasuh. Lantai dimop. Siap dia masakkan nasi goreng untuk anak-anak. Isk isk.... terharu.

Last night I slept by 9 with my husband massaging my sore hand and woke up only 6.20 the next morning. Itupon because I heard the washing machine running. Tsk, basuh baju lah pulak mamat ni pagi-pagi. And, I know he just came back from masjid for Subuh prayer.

When I came to office and heard my friends complaining of their tiring body and how they can't rest after going home doing house chores, that's when I finally realize how lucky I am. Ya Tuhan, how do I deserve such a simpler life? Solat pon compang camping, yang sunat apa ntah lagi. Then, I was like, is this because I let my husband do his tabligh thingy? And all this for just a two-day tabligh outing? Lumayan OK? Kalaulah benar, Ya Allah, Kau redhakanlah aku untuk ceritakan hal ini kepada rakan-rakan. Mungkin ada bunyi macam berlagak, tapi deep in my heart, I really want others to know betapa besarnya balasan yang diberi for just a simple sacrifice. [Sebenarnya takde sacrifice pon, sebab even dia takde aku relaks relaks je baca novel, lagi best takde orang bagi ceramah kuikuikui :-p]

So my friends, ringan-ringankan la mulut to at least remind your husband to go to masjid. Insya Allah, lumayan ganjarannya :-) Nanti kalau ada kesempatan waktu, kita sambung hal masjid pulak.

Sempoi je kan? Pelik, tapi benar.


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