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>> Thursday, July 09, 2009

New blouse uploaded @ Pretty Modesty!!


Our tailor, Kak Nor, once asked Aini,"Tini tu alim ke?" and Aini had the nerves to say,"Takde la alim sangat..." HAHA.

I sent my maternity blouse design to Kak Nor via Aini because her house was nearer to Aini's. It is supposed to be third quarter length, and apparently the 2 meter material was not enough. I thought 2 meter would be sufficient because our long baju kurung would require 2 meter only, however, mind you, baju kurung tu tegak je, takde la berpesyen-pesyen mcm design yang aku lukis tu :-p

So Kak Nor asked whether she can use whatever remains of kain chiffon that she has to make the lengan. I was like, uh oh, NO CANT DO. I would rather find other material and send it to her all the way from PJ to Gombak, but not chiffon. Unless with lining la kan. Tak kuasa makcik nak pakai stokin stokin lengan bagai.

So I could understand why she was asking that question to Aini.

Tapi helo Aini?? jawapan ko tu kan?? tak agak-agak. HAHA.


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