>> Tuesday, March 23, 2004


It was a challenge commuting the lrt this morning. They pushed me in, tossed me aside and squeezed me. I hope I did not accidently touch anybody's *toot* in the process (I was surrounded by man, mind you and the chinese guy facing me had this rather awkward & uncomfortable face)

It might be good if we have a female-only coach. I don't know what the other women feels about being close contact with unfamiliar men, but I am not comfortable with that. Everybody has their individual space, but in the coach full of people going to work in the morning, there's no way you could secure your individual space. Bercampur laki perempuan pulak tu, ish.

When I was in the academic years, I frequently commute between Cyberjaya and Johore to meet my old folks (which is like once in a fortnight hehehe). Everytime I get into the bus, I prayed that the person next to me is not a GUY. Worst, talkative young man who tries to be funny, spreading his leg sebesar2nya, and pretending to sleep on your shoulder. Kalau macam ni, aku tolak je kepala dia, mengada2 betol.

If only the bus operator has a system whereby they can know whether the passenger is a male/female, and we can request to sit next to who.

Girls out there ada tak yang rasa macam yang aku rasa ni?


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