>> Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Royal Story.

A colleague in the office was amused yesterday when I told her that the National Front is strong in Johore because they didn't mess much with the Malays and Islamic affairs, many thanks to the Sultan. Yes dear, that very same old controversial Sultan, who during his reign as Agung act unroyally by demanding a ride on a superbike during Hari Merdeka parade.

No wonder my colleague did not believe her ears upon me saying that, since this Sultan is wellknown across the country for his gangterism manner. Despite this, gangster or not, he is a dear in our heart, at least for me, my family and lots of my Johorean friends. I tell you why.

He really did his job very well.

A Sultan in Malaysia is a guardian for the Malays and Islamic affairs, and I should say the Sultan of Johore is very firm when it come the the issue of Malays and Islam. My late father told me that the Sultan did not approve if someone were to sell Malay Reserve Land to the non-malays. Tuanku also didn't fancy the idea of changing the public holiday from Friday to Saturday. (The said person involved was able to sit in his position for one term only)

Interestingly, the Sultan owns a radio station. Yup, that Best 104 belongs to him. I love to listen to this radio compared to the more glamorous radio (mcm Radio Era hehe) because the djs are very chatty, yet very polite and speak in a proper Bahasa Melayu (the famous Linda Onn and Dj Najman of Radio Era hail from this radio station, wonder why they left, must be about the pay & glamour).

The radio station has many Islamic & community programme such as Program Membudayakan Al-Quran (my mom's favorite), Keluarga Sakinah programme and Islamic sermon. And also a special segment for the Sultan, Senandung Malam, for him to listen to his favorite Keroncong at night :lol:

The Sultan is also very close with the Pusat Islam people. My cousin, who works in Pusat Islam and prays next to him every Friday, said that the Sultan respects and befriended them. The Sultan had once patted my cousin's pot belly and said,"Waaa makin membesar ye kita?" and then showed his pot belly too hehe.

All in all, we love you Sultan.


"Kami dah bagi hang hidup selesa, ada air ada api, negara takdak perang, hang belajaq kat unibersiti, oleh itu hang kenalah bersyukur kat kami. Kami lah yang bagi hang semua benda tu. Hang jangan jadi 'melayu tak kenang budi'."

Geli tali pusat aku bila dengar statement yg sedemikian rupa.


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