>> Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Scary Ride.

Yesterday I experienced the scariest train ride I've ever had. Scarier than the one I had in Genting Highland. At least the Genting one eventually give you the fun feeling as you laugh and scream all way through.

But riding the monorail is scary, you have to pray you're not going to die young. You prayed the monorail did not go off track as it swayed left and right, especially at curves. And then you see the river below.... sheesh, I better close my eyes.

But the ride back to office was no longer frightening as my attention was diverted to the handsome mat salleh next to me hehehehe.

Oh, I would like to thank my friends, Aida, Lynn, Ina & Haza, for celebrating my birthday (& Jaja) at Secret Recipe yesterday. I should say that, that is the first time ever that my friends remembered (dah aku cakap hari2 kat blog, apa taknya hehe), wished me early in the morning and celebrated my birthday. Huhu very touching. I love you guys muahss.

As for the hubby, macam biasa laaa tak wish pon, ceh!

Dah tua-tua pon mengada2 nak celebrate birthday hahaha well, we should be young at heart eh?


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