>> Thursday, April 01, 2004

Surprise, Surprise.

Yesterday, the husband went home with:

1. bald head, I was shocked but thank God he still looks as handsome as before.
2. a cake and my birthday present, I was touched.

He bought me a beautiful handmade embroidery Punjabi suit complete with a shawl, which make me feel bad afterwards. The suit must be expensive, and we shouldn't spend our money on luxury thing such as this, but my whims & fancies about my birthday might have 'forced' him to buy this.

Even though I didn't whine much about it with him, verbally that is, but if he happened to read my blog.... plus I have a history of throwing a fit (read: merajuk dua tiga hari) over birthday present. He asked me beforehand if I would want a birthday present and I said no (read: perempuan memang suka cakap berbelit2) and technically he intended to take me out shopping for the present (read: practical engineer) but when I saw him empty-handed, I was furiuos hehe.

Why am I being such a childish?

The thing is, I am actually a very independant person. And it is ironic how I will be such a childish around these two men, my late father & Ahmad. Is this how I show them my love? By being childish? Sheesh... I better stop doing this.


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