>> Monday, April 05, 2004

First Weekend in April II

Dressed Ameer with his baseball jumper, matching hat & shoes and off we go to Midvalley hehe. I decided to carry him in a sling since it might not be practical to use his stroller in public transportation.

As I anticipated, he was extremely quiet while we were shopping. He then slept in the sling which made me feel uncomfortable thinking that he might be uncomfortable sleeping, and we had to rushed home.

Well, shopping is never the same anymore.

However, these are what I bought for myself:
1. Teriyaki WHOLE Chicken
2. Hash brownies
3. Chocolates and ice cream for indulgence :D

See how I shop for FOOD only haha.

For Ameer:
1. Biscuit for his teething gum
2. Potato presser ~ you put boiled potato inside and pressed it, voila! You'll get mashed potato.


Says who babies are expensive? You could minimize the cost of raising a baby by:
1. Feed him with your boobs milk ~ it's free of charge.
2. Make homemade babies food.
3. Recycle babies thingies with your relatives.
4. If your nonworking parents is nearby, send your baby there.

I, however, am against sending children to their grandparents. I believe that we should not burden and transfer our responsibilities to our aging parents.


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