>> Tuesday, April 06, 2004

TMBEA Madness.

Some calls it tambi, some calls it tambi-ya, some naughty one calls it tambi-ass. Yup Lynn, you're the naughty one.

So, WTH with TMBEA that people in the office were hoohahing over it? We woke up early, made effort to look our best, and arrived at the office at unbelievably hour (read:punctual).

Our morning was chaotic; Aida was printing, Lynn was cutting and glueing, Ina was stapling.

We have the neatest desk you'll ever seen in GB for the whole year. Especially mine hehe.

Me and Ina were even chased away from the meeting by Doc. Yesterday, we were told that co-champion for subsystem 4 & 6 must be in the meeting room. Anyway, it was fun looking at Doc's twitching eyes and disturbed face as he saw me. Haha.

Yeah, he doesn't like me for whatever reason.

But then, we were told that the assessment was cancelled, due to some 'technical' reasons. Sheesh... of all the effort we poured in.

Well, at least there's free food, that we cannot resist.


Unintendedly, I became the oohs and aahs of the office yesterday, thanks to my old baju kebarung and striking pink tudung. They say baju kebarung is so not me and I look different. The usual me is so sempoi.

I chose that baju since it was the only baju in the closet that does not require ironing. If only Amad is here, he will be ironing the baju for me. Shame on me *sheepish grin*

So this morning, as I woke up earlier that usual, I managed to dig out my old cloth, managed to find a few baju kebarung and managed to iron one.

Guess I'll be wearing baju kurung/kebarung more often. Not!


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