>> Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Melayu=Buku, Jawa=Buk, English=Book.

Ok, sorry if I bore you, but I can't help rambling more and more about children books stuff *grin*

I would like to introduce you another favorite author of mine, Paula Danziger. You could check her website here.

I love her Amber Brown series to the max!! Her Amber Brown books:
1. Amber Brown is not a crayon
2. Amber Brown wants extra credit
3. You can't eat your chicken pox, Amber Brown (Rather disgusting title eh?)
4. Amber Brown sees red
5. Amber Brown goes fourth
6. Amber Brown is feeling blue
7. Forever Amber Brown
8. I, Amber Brown

I've read all except for I, Amber Brown. One of these days, if I have the money, I think I'll buy these books.

Another books that I still remembered reading three to four years ago, are Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing and Fudge-a-Mania by Judy Blume. I don't really remember the storyline but I do remember the character, Fudge. This toddler is so cute, you can't help but to like him. (Eventhough his brother Peter really thinks he's a real pain in the ass hehehe)

Or perhaps I remember Fudge because his name reminds me of yummy chocolate fudge yum yum.

p/s: i'm having Jacqueline's wallpaper now, oh do be jealous with me girls!


K.Nor, my sister-in-law, rang me last night. She said that Muiz (my brother-in-law taking SPM this year) asked her to buy him English storybooks to help him improve his English writing skill and then out of the blue she remembered seeing many books in our apartment, so she asked whether it is OK for me to loan the books to Muiz. Such a clever lady. She knows where to find things when she needs one :chuckle:

So, I said OK and began packing the books. Luckily I have those simplified version of the classic such as Little Women, Great Expectation, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, bla bla bla I can't remember the rest. I was thinking to include my Archie comics collection since it might be much interesting to learn through colorful comics but then I did not want to pollute his clean hafiz brain with sexy sketches of Betty, Veronica, Cherryl Blossom, Midge, and those Josie & the Pussycats girls. Especially when they don those kinky bikinis.

Remind me to put away those Archie comics to places Ameer can't find when he grows teenage :lol:


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