>> Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Buku Kanak-kanak.

I had my first encounter with Jacqueline perhaps three or four years back. Don't be amused if I told you I found her in MMU Library. Yup, this library is not all about IT and multimedia stuff. It has at least two whole line of racks for children books which I usually browsed everytime I went to the library. Well, I have to admit, I went to the library not to study but read all those children books and adult novels. It was not uncommon for me to loan two or three children books (the maximum allowed is four) and the librarian usually looked at me knowingly.

So, the last two nights in a row, I revived my memory of Jacqueline. As I wrote in my earlier posting, I had bought Biscuit Barrel & The Dare Game during the MPH warehouse sale. Yuk, yuk, I made my brother full of envy as I brought back the books.

Well, Biscuit Barrel is actually two story in one. The first story is about Tim (the main character) unwillingly goes to the adventure camp, thanks to his persistent Dad. Tim is portrayed as a total loser in adventure, in physical stuff. He hates playing whatever game there is and is afraid of height. Therefore, he hates his days in the camp. But then, he manages to get friends and his adventure. That's all I can tell by now, not to spoil your mood (I know the Ahmad's daughters would like to loan this book hehehe)

The second story is about Tim and his new friends having their adventure during their holidays. Ok, a little hint here, they meet some Deadly Enemies hehehe.

The Dare Game is one of the series of Tracy Becker. I remembered reading few series of her, but my memory is kinda vague. Perhaps I could revive my memory by reading those books Aida & Aini bought *wink* Tracy is mega in everything, well at least, that's what she thinks about herself. She is especially mega is making and doing dare. Sometimes foolish and dangerous dare.

Anyway, I kinda like Tracy. She's so full of fun and wicked remarks, but rebellious most of the time. But then, however heartless she wants us to think she is, I can't help crying during those sentimental part of the story boo hoo. (I hate it when I cried during reading as it will block my nose and I'll have difficulty breathing, how to read then?)

I couldn't wait to read more Jacqueline stuff. Err... Aida, Aini, would you... mind... loaning me the books pleaaasseee... with sugar on top?

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