>> Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Membaca Buku Jambatan Ilmu.

Books I bought at the MPH warehouse sale yesterday:
1. Biscuits Barrel by Jacqueline Wilson
2. Another Jacqueline's book - I don't remember the title hehe tak sempat baca lagi malam tadi.
3. The King's New Groove - for Ameer
4. Secret Garden
5. 5 Ladybird's Let's Read - for Ameer
6. Soft Furnishing

In total, I only spent RM130+ for the books. Sheesh.. I should have buy a lot more books. But considering the accrual expenditure will have to be paid by next month as credit card interest is haram, so I think I should shop within my own capabilities. Hope there will be another book warehouse sales at the end of the year.

Furthermore, they did not have the books that I was looking for, that is:
- Matilda and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
- Amber Brown series by Paula Danziger
- Kingdom of Dreams and All Heaven by Judith McNaugth

Thanks to Ahmad's daughter (Note: Not my Ahmad OK?), I'm back to my bookworm self. Ever since the birth of Ameer, I only read one comic book per month... so saddening isn't it?

Anyway, we need to buy a bigger book rack since our books, magazines & comics are everywhere in the house. Itu pun nasib baik Ahmad dah buang segala macam komik yang gaduh2 tu, alam perwira ke hapa namanya ntah. But before that, we need to change the parquet floor since it had been destroyed by BAD TERMITES. Luckily we managed to kill them all. KILL KILL DIE DIE!!!!


We went to Midvalley during lunch hour, tagging along Lynn who intended to buy a present for a friend of hers, Edry or Di as she fondly calls him. I suggested undergarment *cheeky me* which Lynn excitedly agreed at first and turned the idea down as she browsed the men department. Malu la tu hehehe.

Then we went satisfying our greedy appetite when nobody was actually hungry. Nafsu je lebih hehehehe. We stopped by Memory Lane as Lynn intended to buy Edry a mug, but in the end it was me and Aida who bought cards for our mum's approaching birthday. Aida's 2nd May, mine 10th May. Aida bought one very huge bubblegum birthday card. Bigger that A4 paper, I tell you. Kinda jealous with her but since my mum does not understand English, I had to buy her a Malay-written card.

Our last stop was The Natural Source. It was a very good decision indeed, I shall say. I ended up buying a facial cleanser and day cream for my mum and Lynn bought a bath gel or something for Edry. We had our purchases wrapped, got a nice paperbag each, voila!, our gifts are ready to be given away.

Now that we had our mission completed for the day, we could come back to office with a clear mind and continue working. Ya rite!


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