>> Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Say goodbye to the bed.

That does it. We're going Japanese. The 'Camel' not only throw his mother out of the bed, but himself! Twice in a row :(

Yesterday I took a leave and sent Ameer to clinic in the morning. At first, the doctor said everything is OK since he did not faint, vomit, turn green or anything, and his limbs is in its supposedly position. But then, when she explained that if he is drowsy after the fall, perhaps something is amiss. Gasp!!

So we went to Pantai to do brain xray. (Before that, me and Ameer had a nice two-hour nap until Lynn called to inform that the GL is ready.. sheesh spoiler betol haha) We were lucky to have Lynn to give us a ride to the hospital. Such a generous lass she is. Yup, still single *wink*

Everyone in the hospital were nice to me, thanks to Ameer. Seems like people will be nice to you if you have a baby in a sling. Plus, the baby is so adorable, people can't help peeking at him.

As I laid him on the xray bed, his face was looking very confused. He blinked at the light and the machine on top him. When I had to position him to his side, he started to panic, thinking that he will be injected with a syringe. Call it needle phobia hehe. The xray assistant was so understandable, and he even run to switch on the machine.

Then we managed to get a cab, thanks to the kind valet (am I using the correct word here?) of the hospital, and back to the clinic. I was quite upset when they said Dr. Mary was not in duty, but thank God, Dr. Wong is as nice as her. He examined the xray result, checked Ameer's eyes and ears. So, Ameer was said to be OK. No crack or whatsoever in his head. Dr. Wong explained that the shock of falling causes Ameer to become drowsy.

Alhamdulillah, that was such a relief.

But his body was quite hot last night. Perhaps because of the running around under the sun. It was quite hot yesterday afternoon. I've already gave him paracetamol elixir, but his body is still hot this morning. Thinking of going back home after lunch... can't help thinking about him :(


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