>> Friday, April 23, 2004


I had been waiting for two days, and finally he flashed his usual cute smile last night. Phew, what a relief! It was kinda sad looking at his gloomy face, cringing my heart to leave him with his babysitter. So, I took two days emergency leave.

Been trying to console him, trying to make him smile, laugh but no, he won't. He kept on whining, that really made me sad since I didn't know what else could I do except than pray and gave him the medicine. His body temperature went upside down, made me wonder, did he get denggi or something? Hope not :(

He was half his normal self by yesterday afternoon, after three successful attempts of pooing hehehe. (Half normal means being active but still refusing to smile) Guess the antibiotic he took cleanse all the germs in his body and "menyahtinjah" :P

After his one and a half hour evening nap, yay, he's smiling!!!! Back to his normal gay self, smiling, laughing, talking whatever language only he understand, tossing around, rolling over here and there, well well that's my boy.

(Note: gay = joyful, just in case you were thinking about the other meaning :D)

So this morning, I go to the office with a clear and happy mind. (But Ameer did whine and gave his crying face as I left him with the babysitter, poor my baby) Expecting a hectic day though, since I have a dateline to meet but then I haven't got the information I need from other people even though I had clearly state in my email that I need it by yesterday. Hmm.. guess they knew I was on leave. Geez... don't they know that I can check my email and do my work at home?

Well I hope they can provide me the info as soon as possible since Jagjeet has been chasing Zul for quite a number of days. Poor lad. Perhaps I should chase these people more often.

Ahem, miss me these two days eh?


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