>> Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Money, Money, Money!

Budak, jangan marah budak. Tadi orang subscribe as donor to WWF. No, no, not that wrestling wrestling thing. Rasanya WWF stands for World Wildlife Foundation. Only RM30 per month, not that expensive kan? kan?

Furthermore, like you said last Monday, you won't question what I do with my money right? :grin:


I went to the Post Office in the city during lunch, and I stopped by Plaza UO to eat. Omigod!! Very cheap.. snail khakis at RM19.90. I should come here again on friday, i must, i must!


Erk, where got money :(


My brother, Ajiz, have this one impressive Canon printer (I don't know the cost) that he uses to print photos that he shoots using a Canon camera with 2MB pixels costing RM800 only. The printer is unordinarily big for Canon printer standard (since most of Canon printers are space-friendly unlike HPs yang besar gedabak nak mampos) and it has like five colour cartridges. And it got trays for different paper sizes. Huhuhu very impressive indeed.

And the end result is sooo nice. The photos that he printed himself looks like the one you get from kedai gambar.

I want, I want *sigh*

p/s: it doesn't help that someone / "banyak"one broke into our apartment and stole our Sony digital camera last time boohoo.


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