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Promote sekejap.

What is Spirulina?
Spirulina is a type of sea alga; spiral in shape. Hence, it is known as Spirulina. It contains nutrients found in rice, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. It is therefore dubbed "the ideal food for future" or "foor for astronauts".

Spirulina is rich in 4 main pigments. Research shows that these natural pigments are antioxidant in nature. In addition to providing nutrients needed by our body, Spirulina is 100% alkaline, which is good for regulating acidity in our body.

In Japan, more than 20,000 doctors recommend spirulina as health supplement to their patients. Research in Russia also finds Spirulina posseses anti-radiation property. In Mexico, spirulina is added in infant's milk. Nutritionists confirmed that nutrition in 1g Spirulina is equivalent to nutrition in 1 kg vegetables or fruits. In other others, Spirulina is high in nutrition; provides 1000 more nutrition than of vegetables and fruits.

Is Spirulina important to us?
Today, steroid and hormone are widely used in poultry farming to boost their maturation. Now, a chicken only needs 40 days to mature rather than 6 months with normal farming.

The proliferating use of pesticides in crops destroys nutrients and the chemicals contaminate our digestive system. Furthermore, many of us practice unhealthy diet and consume more acidic food, such as fish, prawn, meat, but less vegetables or fruits. Unhealthy lifestyle, such as extensive alcohol intake, smoking, late to bed, hinders metabolism and toxin excretion from the body. Unhealthy diet further leads to imbalanced nutrition, making us vulnerable to diseases.

To avoid imbalanced nutrition intake, we need Spirulina to regulate body nutrients and pH Level.

The best choice is " Platensen AAA Spirulina " - the natural and organic Spirulina.

Use instuction: Infant 1-2 tablets( grind and mix milk or juices )
Children 2-3 tablets
Adolescents 5-10 tablets
Adults 10-15 tablets
Pregnant women 15-20 tablets
Patients 15-20 tablets

For those on medication, consume your medication and supplement seperately: 1 hour before or after medication. Drink 2-3 liters water before consuming Spirulina.

1st Week 3 tablets, twice daily.
2nd week 5 tablets, twice daily.

p/s: haa eni, eda.. apa lagi, order la from aku banyak2 :lol:


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