>> Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My boy.

Early signs of a "real" man:
1. If we spread lots of things on the floor, he will reach for the remote control, telephone, CPUs that his father put on the floor (yup, we have lots of computer gadget scattered all over the apartment), mini hifi (until the cover of the speaker comes off) & those electrical appliances and wires (ggrr, bahaya la tu ameer!), other than the supposedly baby thingies like rattles, soft toys & the bouncing balls.

2. When we were in the elevator, he will flash his cute smile and act that babyish cute thing to the females, the young, beautiful ones to be exact but bolayan to the guys.

3. He's started to reach for the car steering when his father was driving. We have to satisfy his need by putting him on his father's lap, without the car moving that is.

4. Aduhai, manjanyaaa dengan mama :P

We're talking about eight-months old baby here, ok?


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