>> Monday, May 24, 2004


I've done the routine of the month. Pay apartment rent, car loan repayment, credit card, insurance premium bla bla bla. And what's left for me?

A few hundred ringgit enough for my food and stuff. Oh, minus nursery fees. That make me three hundred ringgit poorer. I'll have enough to live my life for half the month. Ah, poor soul!

And my husband is no richer since he has another commitment to make. Hope the gain worth the investment.

Guess that's the last visit to Chilli's until the next salary. Boo hoo hoo.....



Sometime you just can't help it and put your hand in the air and despairly said,"Ah, forget it!"

That's how I ended up buying Cadbury's Caramello (yup the one that melt in your mouth soooo deliciously) and Kit Kat Chunky yum yum yum. I wanted to buy more, but my clear conscience helps me at the correct momento :D

I know what they'll do to my already-horizontally-challenge body, I'm guilty but I don't care. Fat, or no fat, I'm still me, am I not? Heh, who am I kidding?

Innerself: You, you idiot fat woman with acnes on your face!
Me talking back: Sheesh, get a life, you dull woman!

What's life without chocolate eh? Furthermore, I need to indulge myself before the money runs :lol:

p/s: Cokereto refers to Japanese pronounciation of Chocolate (uh-uh, at least that's what I think).


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